Earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Religious Education at Marian University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Theology

We welcome students of all faiths.

Our bachelor's degree in theology is built on a platform of exploring and understanding all aspects of faith.

As a student majoring in theology at Marian University, you'll engage in disciplined study and reflection which promotes deep understanding and personal enrichment within the context of a fruitful dialogue among the various Christian traditions and between religion and the world.

B.A. in Theology: 36 credits

  • THL 105: Introduction to Theology
  • ​THL 208: The Church
  • THL 216: Moral Issues or THL 218: Fundamental Catholic Moral Theology
  • THL 226: Old Testament
  • THL 228: New Testament
  • THL 232: History of Christian Thought
  • ​THL 236: Liturgy and Spirituality
  • THL 308: Christian Unity and Diversity
  • ​THL 332: Creative Theologians of the Modern Era
  • PHL 350: God and Philosophy
  • THL 490: Senior Seminar
  • One THL elective (excluding THL 361, 460, and 463)
Sample four-year plan and checklist 

A major or minor in theology develops the intellectual background and practical competencies for many future opportunities.


Skills and Abilities


  • Ecumenical awareness
  • USCCB Religious Education Requirements
  • Catechetical foundations
  • Major theological topics: Jesus, Church, Sacraments, Morality
  • History of Christianity
  • Scripture
  • Social Justice
  • Pastoral Care
  • Church Policies, Practices, and Procedures
  • Catholic and Christian literacy and diversity
  • Vatican II Documents

  • Leadership in lay ministry
  • Critical thinking and research analysis
  • Ability to understand the meaning of complex written documents
  • Ability to understand Scripture
  • Writing and organizational skills
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Empathy and ability to understand people
  • Apply moral reasoning and social justice concerns to life situations
  • Use imagination and creativity
  • Develop a critical approach to contemporary issues
  • Critical evaluation skills
  • Sensitivity to diverse cultures and beliefs
  • Religion teacher K-12
  • High school teacher
  • Coordinator of religious education
  • Lay ecclesial minister
  • Youth ministry
  • Pro-life work
  • Mission work
  • Religious life
  • Ordained ministry
  • Social services or human resources
  • Campus ministry
  • Pastoral and social ministry
  • Publishing

Graduate School

  • Theology
  • Law and politics
  • Chaplaincy
  • Counseling/therapy

Mark Reasoner, Ph.D.

Mark Reasoner, Ph.D. is an associate professor of theology at Marian University. He is an expert on the New Testament and publishes on the writings of St. Paul.

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Office of Undergraduate Admission
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For program specifics

Arthur Canales
Department Chair
Professor of Theology
(317) 955-6785

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